Arpi is a unique yoga brand that reflects luxury and quality.

Arpi’s dedicated design team set out to produce a quality range of yoga mats, blocks and accessories.
The Essential yoga mats are made from hi-tech phthalate free PVC which is 100% eco-friendly. Using sustainable rubber, our mats are toxic free, biodegradable and recyclable. Our mats are water/sweat resistant providing a moisture free platform and with Arpi’s ultimate, non-slip grip formula, our mats prevent you from slipping during your practice. The Essential mats are made from hi-tech rubber like material especially formulated to be soft to touch yet firm and supportive. Our antimicrobial surface layer prevents mould build up so your mat stays fresh and germ free. Each piece of Arpi product reflects our philosophy of minimalistic detailing and functionality. The Essential mats are aesthetically pleasing with alignment details laser-etched into our mats so it does not wear over time and helps you improve your alignment.

Our Brand & Values

Arpi is a yoga brand that reflects luxury and quality. The combination of technical know-how and unwavering commitment to luxury is what sets Arpi apart. We believe there is only one choice. Our products reflect luxury, environmentally conscious, highly technical, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.